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Do I need the Sears Home Warranty Plan if I already have a homeowners’ insurance policy?

Your home is probably your biggest investment. And, most homeowners’ policies don’t cover repair or replacement of systems or appliances caused by mechanical failure.

Do Sears Home Warranty Plans cover older appliances?

Yes, it provides repair or replacement of your covered appliances no matter their age, make or model number.1

I have new appliances…do I still need the Sears Home Waranty Plan?

Remember, it doesn’t matter how old – or how new – an appliance is. Something could go wrong at any moment.

Will the Sears Home Warranty Plan pay for itself?2

When you compare the plan’s low monthly cost to the $1,400 it could cost to replace a range or oven; or $1,000 for a new refrigerator, it’s easy to see that you can save hundreds of dollars with one service call!

Are Sears Home Warranty Plan service professionals reputable?

We know that finding the right professional can be stressful and time-consuming: we pre-screen and pre-qualify service professionals in your area so that you’re guaranteed a reliable and trustworthy service company.

How does the replacement option work with a Sears Home Warranty?

When service is requested for a covered item, if it is determined that the item is not repairable or it is not cost effective to repair, we may elect to replace the item with a new one of like kind.

Can I purchase a Sears Home Warranty Plan for a single appliance?

Unfortunately, we do not sell warranties on individual appliances. Our Appliance Warranty covers your most important appliances like your refrigerator, dryer, washer, built-in dishwasher, built-in microwave, range, cooktop, oven, built-in trash compactor, and wall oven for one low price. Coverage can be added to an existing plan for items such as a second refrigerator or a stand-alone freezer within the first 30 days of your effective date. Coverage of household systems, such as furnaces, central air conditioning, and water heaters are offered as part of our System and Whole House Warranties. 

Can you tell me a little bit more about earning Shop Your Waysm points and 2-day FREE shipping?

As a benefit to Sears Home Warranty Plan members, we’ve arranged for you to earn an additional 15% back in Shop Your Way points on all eligible purchases at Sears or Kmart, Lands’ End, and more. The catch? None! But you do need to be a Shop Your Way member and opt-in to receive promotional emails. Shop Your Way points can be redeemed online and in-store at all participating stores. Get free instant membership at

When you enroll in Shop Your Way, you'll also receive FREE 2-day shipping on tons of items from Sears and Kmart.1

Is the Preventive Maintenance Check program available for both my heating and cooling system?

As a benefit to Sears Home Warranty Plan members, you’re entitled to two Preventive Checks each year, one in fall for your heating system and one in spring for your AC system.

How do I add additional appliances, systems and products to my plan?

You can add additional or optional products to your Sears Home Services Home Warranty Plan, like stand-alone freezers, additional refrigerators, secondary heating & cooling systems, water heaters, and other items like pool heaters, pumps and septic tanks. Call the 24/7 Hotline at 855-256-2467 to add coverage today.  Optional and addtional coverage can be added within the first 30 days of your effective date.

When will I receive acknowledgement/paperwork for my recently purchased Sears Home Warranty Plan?

You will receive your welcome kit within 7-10 business days from your enrollment date. If you have any questions about your product or about the welcome kit, please call 855-256-2467. In addtion, you will receive an email confirmation within 24 hours of enrollment.

How do I upgrade my Appliance Warranty to a Whole House Warranty?

Upgrading your Appliance Warranty to a Whole House Warranty is easy. Simply call our customer care line at  855-256-2467 and a representative can adjust your coverage. 

Can I upgrade my Sears protection agreement to a Sears Home Warranty Plan?

Unfortunately, your Sears protection agreement coverage cannot be transferred to a Sears Home Warranty Plan. 

How can I update my billing information, payment method, or payment date?

Log into My Account to update the credit card or bank account info on file. If you need to switch payment methods or adjust your payment date, please call 855-256-2467 and an agent will be happy to assist.

How do I renew my existing plan?

You don't need to take any action to renew your Home Warranty. Your coverage will automatically renew without interruption as long as your account is up to date.  You will be notified in writing approximately 30 days before your coverage will renew. 

How can I cancel my existing plan?

Sears Home Warranty is a great way to protect yourself from unexpected repair costs, but if you wish to cancel your home warranty, please call our Customer Service line at 855-256-2467.  


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