Additional Coverage and Add-Ons

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Sears Home Warranty Plans are designed to fit your needs and your budget. In addition to our base plans, optional coverage is available.

Once you are enrolled in the plan, call our Customer Service line at 855.256.2467 and we will be happy to add the additional items or options that meet your needs.

Whole House Warranty

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Appliance Warranty

Systems Warranty

Additional Optional Coverage
Pool and/or Spa w/Heater (Limit up to $10,000). Heater (Limit $1000)
Septic Tank w/Pumping (Limit up to $10,000. Pumping Limit $500. Tank Replacement $1000)
Stand-alone Freezer (Limit up to $10,000)
Sump Pump (Limit up to $10,000)
Well Pump (Limit up to $10,000)
Add-On Optional Coverage
Central AC (Limit up to $10,000) 
Central Heating (Limit up to $10,000)  
Water Heater (Limit up to $10,000)  
 Water Softener (Limit up to $10,000)  
Refrigerator with built-in icemaker  
Clothes Dryer  
Clothes Washer  
Dishwasher (built-in)  
Microwave (built-in)  
Trash Compactor (built-in)   
Wall Oven